Chewy Tubes Therapist Pack

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Chewy Tubes are an innovative oral motor device designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Intended for individual use, Chewy Tubes are non-toxic, latex free and lead free. In addition they do not contain PVC or phthalates. Chewy Tubes colors are FDA approved. Therapist pack includes the following sizes: Small 3/8 ” stem (yellow),Medium 1/2″ stem (red), Texture 1/2″ stem knobby (green), Large 5/8″ stem (blue), P’s and Q’s are solid rather than tubular, 4″ Super Chew texture (red) and 4″ Super Chew smooth (Green)

Use of Chewy Tube products should be supervised by an adult or therapist at all times. Product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear. All materials and colors are FDA approved. This pack contains 7 Chewy Tubes. One of each type.
Jazzy Jewels bracelet includes one Chewable Jazzy Jewel bracelet (2”) color blue.

  • Chewy Tubes are non-toxic, latex free and lead free
  • If we do not send you the exact items described and shown in the photo, you are entitled to a full refund and may keep the items we sent you.
  • Pack contains 7 Chewy Tubes and one Jazzy Jewels bracelet
  • All materials and colors are FDA approved
  • Jazzy Jewels bracelet by Dr. Blooms

Chewy Tubes Therapist Pack

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