10 Pc Inflatable SOLAR SYSTEM/SCIENCE/Space/PLANETS/SUN/Educational TOOL INFLATE/Teacher

new in package 10 pc inflatable SOLAR SYSTEM. Includes SUN & 9 Planets ranging in size from 8″ – 28″ diameter. Each inflate has a small tab on top with a hole for easy hanging, however, string hangers are not included. This is a great set for a science classroom or a super gift for […]

Inflatable Earth Globe

This inflatable globe is fun and educational. Use this inflatable globe at any pool or beach party. Made of vinyl. Size 16 Diam.” Brand new Fantastic value Halloween Globe Inflatable Globe Printed Beach Ball Great finishing touch for any Halloween theme Size information: 16″ This posting includes: 16″ inflatable Globe Printed Beach Ball as featured […]

Inflatable Animals of the World Globe – 16in

This Inflatable Globe is the perfect tool for identifying all the animals of the world in their original origin. Learn the homelands of your favorite animals, while also learning continents, countries, cities, bodies of water, and lines of latitude and longitude. Check out where elephants, camels, tigers, and all the mammals originated from. The globe […]

Learning Resources Inflatable Solar System Set

Explore your universe with this inflatable classroom set. Teach size and distance relationships of the planets, the moon and the sun. Learn rotation, revolution and orbit through class activities or demonstrations using this realistic looking set. Includes 36-inch Sun, plus planets and moon in proportionate sizes from 8 inches to 22 inches. Also includes a […]

Replogle Globes Inflatable Topographical Globe, Dark Blue Ocean, 16-Inch Diameter

These unique inflatable globes are fun to play with and a great way to learn about the world we live in. Inflatable Colorful and durable 16-Inch/40cm Handcrafted Replogle Globes Inflatable Topographical Globe, Dark Blue Ocean, 16-Inch Diameter

Learning Resources 12″ Inflatable Globe with Light

Spark curiosity about distant lands with this glowing view of the world. Also makes a great nightlight! Clear labels indicate continents, countries, cities, bodies of water, and latitude and longitude lines. Includes 5000-hour LED bulb, hook, string, repair kit and Activity Guide. Measures 12″ in diameter. Requires 3 alkaline (1.5 V) batteries, included. Recommended Ages: […]

Inflatable 16″ EarthBall

Our new 16″ diameter inflatable Orbis Earth Balls are now available. Order your Earth Ball today and be the first on your block to explore a brand new world. The Orbis/NASA Blue Marble imagery represents the most visually authentic global view of Planet Earth ever created, combining NASA’s newest generation of satellite imaging with Orbis’ […]

Inflatable World Globe Clear Inflate Earth Teacher aid Learning & Development

Perfect for Teachers..Great for Decorations Teaching children about geography does not have to be intimidating with this fun inflatable world globe. This 12″ inflatable globe is transparent and features brilliant colors, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for a toy that is both fun and educating! Kids can kick it, throw it, […]

Inflatable Labeling Globe

Become a true globe-trotter with this 27-inch inflatable globe! It features only the continents and lines of latitude/longitude — it’s up to you to correctly label the names of oceans, trade routes, landmarks and more with a wet-erase marker. Fun for first- through six-graders, it includes a hang tab with a hook and string so […]

Jet Creations Inflatable Topographical 16″ Globe Waypoint Geographic

This Globe, not only outlines Elevation and the continents, but it also has Negative IONS which have proven to remove odors and freshen the room. Featuring 4 color printing process and superior construction Great way to have fun while learning about the world The package includes a repair kit for any punctures or holes Jet […]

Replogle Globes Inflatable Political Globe, Light Blue Ocean, 16-Inch Diameter

These unique inflatable globes are fun to play with and a great way to learn about the world we live in. Inflatable Colorful and durable 16-Inch/40cm Handcrafted Replogle Globes Inflatable Political Globe, Light Blue Ocean, 16-Inch Diameter

Earthball, Inflatable Earth Globe from satellite images, Glow in the Dark Cities

This inflatable Earth gets lots of attention for its detail from the thousands of NASA satellite photos that went into the splendid view. Glow-in-the-dark cities provide a means of revealing the densely populated areas around the world. Yes, you can use it as a beach ball, but you’ll also want it for its educational value. […]

12 inch Inflatable Globe

Hang this 12 inch globe from the ceiling or use like a beach ball for indoor or outdoor play. No leak safety valve. 12 inch globe Use like a beach ball for indoor or outdoor play Recommended age: 3 years and up 12 inch Inflatable Globe

Gymnic / Movin’ Sit Jr Child’s Inflatable Wedge Chair Cushion

The most intelligent form of exercise therapy available – the Gymnic Line of Therapy Products. The Movin’ Sit Jr. Air Cushion is an inflatable dynamic cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape encourages a seated posture with a forward pelvic position. It is sized just for children and fits […]

Jet Creations Inflatable Globe, Political Globe, Light Blue, 24″

The Inflatable Light Blue Ocean Political World Globe by Replogle is both colorful and resilient. Kids love this world globe, and it features geopolitical boundaries and hundreds of place names making it both fun and educational. Inflatable political marking globe illustrates nations, states, cities and boundaries 24-Inch diameter Detailed mapping courtesy of the latest satellite […]

Inflatable World Globe Beach Ball 9″

This inflatable vinyl globe is fun and educational. Makes a unique beach ball at a pool party or luau! Or use it at school as teaching tool for geography or world events. Travel agencies can also hang it to promote worldwide trips! Size: 9″ inflated – 3.8 ounces Size: 9″ inflated Inflatable World Globe Beach […]

8-1/2″ Inflatable Plastic Globe Countries, Capitals and Major Cities, Plus Assorted Ocean Currents a

Our plastic globe inflates like a beach ball, but is a soccer ball-ish 8-1/2″ dia. That still leaves enough room for countries, capitals and major cities, plus assorted ocean currents and time zones. Perfect if you want to kick around a few geography questions with the kids. You blow it up from the North Pole. […]

Inflatable Clear Globe

Please note: This is a toy. These items are beach balls first and globes second. We have sold thousands of them to happy amazon customers. The geography is not fully up to date. If you are looking for a teaching tool or a 2012 fully accurate globe this IS NOT your first choice.The universe is […]