Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier

The Super Wide-View Mega Magnifier is the largest most powerful field magnifying lens ever! Tough, unbreakable super-sized lens in a rugged foam frame. Sure-grip hand-holds let you focus your wider-than-wide view at any angle. Plus, it floats! Drop this mega lens onto any water surface and see detail in places like creeks, streams, lakes or […]

Backyard Safari Flashlight

This rugged dual power flashlight is never without a light, even if the batteries wear out. The hand-press generator quickly powers the bright LED bulbs and the hand-press handle doubles as an adjustable stand or hanging loop. The bright beam is adjustable and the included dark-adapt red lens protects your night vision for activities like […]

Backyard Safari Field Tools

Pick, brush, grab, or probe. Whether gathering samples or excavating that dig site, up close or in hard to reach spaces, these sturdy tools will handle hundreds of field tasks. Carabiner ring quick-release tools Telescoping magnet Angling mirror 4? Field tongs & excavating pick & brush High-audible field safety whistle Backyard Safari Field Tools

Backyard Safari Explorer Kit

Explore?near or far. This value pack offers must-haves for visual exploration. Includes essential field magifier, 10 x 30 mm spyglass, 3 all purpose caribiners, and Pop-up Essential Field Guide. Features include: •The essential field magnifier is the right tool for up-close examination•The 10 x 30mm optics of the pocket spy glass lets you keep your […]

Backyard Safari 2410506 Critter Shack

Collect and observe frogs, fish, lizards, crawfish, snakes or bugs. The field-ready CRITTER SHACK works wet or dry. The clear-view housing is water tight and topped by a breathable mesh lid and carrying handle. Clear-view housing. Breathable mesh lid. Carrying handle. Age: 5 & up. Clear-view housing. Breathable mesh lid. Carrying handle. Age: 5 & […]

Backyard Safari Camp Lantern

Light up your base camp with the bright white luminance from the upper dome, then flip a switch to activate the warm flickering campfire glow that’s built in the lanterns base. No flames, no heat just a comforting illusion and an excuse to gather round the old campfire to sing songs or tell scary stories. […]

Wet or Dry Backyard Safari Field Kit for Kids

Wet or Dry Backyard Safari Field Kit for Kids – Use on land or in the water for double the fun – 2 capture cores and extra nose cone for even greater bug catching abilities – Flip-up lid for easy captures and releases – Includes Essential Field Gear pop-up field guide Wet or Dry Backyard […]

Summit Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum With Lazer Light

Kids Love Catching bugs! This fun outdoor toy captures insects by battery-powered vacuum suction power without harm to the insects. Light up bugs…..then suck `em up!There are thousands of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard -catch them live with your target light bug vac! Look at bugs up-close with built-in magnifying glass! Capture core […]

Summit Backyard Safari Camouflage

Backyard Safari Camouflage 5′ x 8′ camouflage sheet Two seasonal colors Unique die-cut design is stretchable Sturdy rip-stop nylon Stands up to wet weather   5′ x 8′ camouflage sheet Two seasonal colors Unique die-cut design is stretchable Sturdy rip-stop nylon Stands up to wet weather Summit Backyard Safari Camouflage

Backyard Safari Binocs

The Backyard Safari Field Binoculars are standard issue for every outdoor enthusiast. Essential Field GearThe 5×30 power crystal clear optics bring nature up close in crisp detail. Adjustable, rugged, and waterproof, these bionics are the first piece of equipment you need in your collection of essential field gear.A Closer View of NatureThe Backyard Safari™ Field […]

Backyard Safari Adventurer Kit

Adventure in high gear. Gear up for adventure with this value pack of field essentials. Includes water tight case, retractable caribiner clip, rugged mini lantern, and Pop-up Essential Field Guide. The water tight case is like an extra pocket for keeping valuables safe and dry The retractable carabiner clip attaches easily to belts, packs, or […]

Summit Backyard Safari Utility Belt

Ready for the field! The Backyard Safari field utility belt is essential field gear for every purpose. The unique modular design lets you customize the arrangement and fit of all the gear you want right at your finger tips. There’s a large Velcro pouch for storage. A sturdy tool holder supports a rock pick hammer […]

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

It’s your most essential piece of field gear. It’s rugged, and tough enough for all your outdoor adventures. Plenty of cargo pockets means lots of space to load up. Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear. A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs and a clear-view chest […]

Backyard Safari Butterfly Habitat

Create your own Butterfly Experience! This lightweight habitat collapses for easy carrying in the field then expands a full 16 inches to create an instant aviary for live butterflies. A light-weight, spring frame supports a fine, breathable mesh to create the perfect environment for delicate flying creatures. The easy-access closure lets you reach in and […]

Backyard Safari Bug Habitat

Thousands of insects are crawling, flying and buzzing about in your neighborhood. Get up-close and personal with these little critters when you catch them and house them in the Backyard Safari Bug Habitat. The habitat is a lifelike environment where you can store and examine all of your insects. It comes with a detachable magnifying […]

Summit Backyard Safari Bird Watching Kit

The Bird Watcher Field Kit comes with everything you need for bird watching in the field. in this complete kit you get a pair of 5 x 30 power binoculars with 2.5 inch lens shades, a lightweight tripod that can be tabletop or handheld, plus three different bird callers (Reed, Whistle and Chirp) for attracting […]

Summit Backyard Safari Deluxe Wet And Dry Habitat

Observe Nature…..Naturally!Let’s go exploring and experience the fun and fascinating Bug & Frog Habitat. This is sure to be an exciting adventure. The Land & Water Lighted Habitat is a habitat with a realistic pond & trees. The large water area allows for healthy tadpole development. The capture core lets you easily transfer your tadpoles […]

Backyard Safari Extreme Bug Vacuum

Catching bugs can be fun. But it can also be a challenge! Get a jump on those crawling, flying and buzzing insects in your neighborhood with the Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum. The vacuum’s bug-catching capsules have built-in magnifying glasses so you can spot your favorite bug then suck it up (using the adjustable vacuum power […]

Summit Backyard Safari Expedition 1 – Field Compass

The Field Expedition One kit includes the unique 3-in-1 Compass Tool. It clips to your Cargo Vest with a retractable carabiner. A push button releases the spring loaded lid revealing a field compass. The reverse side features a bright LED flashing signaling light that lets you flash Morse Code across a distance. The code is […]