Round World Products Save The World 5.6″ Coin Bank

Children can learn about the world and oceans and other countries while saving their pennies. Comes with a 4-color gift box. Educational Globe for Kids Save some coin with this fun World Globe Coin Bank Globe Diameter 5.6-inches Round World Products Save The World 5.6″ Coin Bank

Inflatable Animals of the World Globe – 16in

This Inflatable Globe is the perfect tool for identifying all the animals of the world in their original origin. Learn the homelands of your favorite animals, while also learning continents, countries, cities, bodies of water, and lines of latitude and longitude. Check out where elephants, camels, tigers, and all the mammals originated from. The globe […]

Fascinations Levitron Globe World Stage

Globes show what the earth looks like, but the earth isn’t mounted to a spindle or placed atop a plastic stand. Here’s a globe that shows the world the way it really is. The Levitron World Stage levitating globe uses a magnetic disk to magically float in the air. You can place your hand above, […]

Fairy World Lock & Key Diary

Diaries are for dreaming! Girls love a locked book where they can record their private musings, their dreams, their thoughts, – even their doodles. Dream, write and imagine the possibilities! Keep thoughts, wishes and secrets recorded to always be remembered Write or draw on the 240 colorful lined pages Safely keep these precious rememberances under […]

Zanzoon Animap – Interactive Talking Animals of the World Map

This interactive talking map will teach you fun facts about animals of the world by simply touching the map! You’ll hear real animal sounds as well as detailed information about habitats, diets and much moreLearn all about the animal kingdom at the touch of a button with Zanzoon’s Animap. Ideal for children ages three and […]

Hemisphere Blue Ocean World and USA Wall Map Set

The Hemispheres Blue Ocean maps are a great addition to any wall, and this two pack includes both the most current USA and World maps. The traditional blue ocean styling’s provide the perfect coloring for just about any space you have available. The World map measures 61″ x 38″, and the USA maps is 48″ […]

Small World Express the Pluses and the Minuses

Make learning fun and easy! Develop math skills of addition and subtraction by trying to solve the equations printed on the keys. Press the key to reveal the answer.Here’s a fun travel toy for your little mathematician in the making-it makes no noise, requires no batteries, has no loose parts, and keeps kids busy. The […]

National Geographic Executive World Map Wall Mural

Antique look with contemporary details! This award-winning map, elegant in style, has been enlarged to mural size while keeping the same up-to-date detail that defines National Geographic. The Winkel Tripel projection minimizes distortions near the North and South Poles. In addition to the wealth of place names and details on the map, there are also […]

World Map Desk Mat / Giant Mouse Pad

This is a very sturdy mat that has foam rubber underneath to prevent slipping and it provides extra cushion on your desk. Learn geography while you surf the web! Functions both as a desk pad and/or giant mouse pad. Anti Static Anti Glare Works with a Laser Mouse Huge Desk size 17 x 26 inches […]

Geodice World Geography Board Game By Geotoys

GeoToys GeoDice Roll into world knowledge with GeoDice, a game that makes geography fun! The goal is to name countries and capitals that start with the letters on the five Letter Dice, and that are within the continents on the two Continent Dice. With colorful dice and a two-sided Game Board that doubles as a […]

2.5″ New Crystal Glass Miniature World Globe Ornament / Gift

Great Gift for someone who means the WORLD TO YOU. Great paperweight and desk ornament. Made of Glass with a Gold colored Plastic base Great Gift for someone who means the WORLD TO YOU. Great paperweight and desk ornament. Not a toy. Does not spin. Made of glass with a gold-colored plastic base. Not suitable […]

Blue Ocean Political MOVA World Globe

Like our planet Earth, the incredible MOVA Globe rotates in space. Its clever drive system is powered by light from your room and the Earth’s magnetic field. There are no batteries to replace and no unsightly wires or cords. Just place the globe on the included acrylic display stand and watch as it begins to […]

Dublin 11″ Illuminated World Globe

A world globe doesn’t have to be ornate or dramatic to be beautiful and the Dublin 11? Blue Ocean Illuminated World Globe by Stellanova is absolutely stunning in its simplicity. Blue oceans with a hint of blue swirl delicately around lifelike green landmasses, giving you a unique impression of our Earth and the world we […]

World Map 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

500 Piece Puzzle. Finished Puzzle Measures 24″ x 26″. 500 Piece Puzzle Finished Puzzle Measures 24″ x 26″ World Map 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Zanzoon Map World – Interactive Talking World Map

This interactive talking map will teach you fun facts about the countries of the world by simply touching the map! You’ll hear detailed information about capitals, flags, languages, sites of interest and much more.Learn all about our planet’s fascinating countries and cultures at the touch of a button with the Zanzoon Interactive Talking World Map. […]

Countries of the World Write-a-Mat

Features – These durable activity mats are ideal for use with write on, wipe off multi-colored crayons These educational and entertaining double sided, write on, wipe off placemats Countries of the World Write-a-Mat

Inflatable World Globe Clear Inflate Earth Teacher aid Learning & Development

Perfect for Teachers..Great for Decorations Teaching children about geography does not have to be intimidating with this fun inflatable world globe. This 12″ inflatable globe is transparent and features brilliant colors, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for a toy that is both fun and educating! Kids can kick it, throw it, […]

Melissa & Doug Write-A-Mat Countries of the World Placemat

Add new excitement to mealtime with this educational and entertaining double-sided, write on, wipe off placemats. This durable activity mat is ideal for use with our write on, wipe off multi-colored crayons and are available in a range of topics from math to maps! Ages 3-7 Dimenson 17.25″ x 11.25″ Erasable Countries of the World […]

GeoToys World GeoBingo Game

GeoBingo is a new twist on a classic game and a new way to make geography fun! The goal of GeoBingo is to get 5 countries in a row on one of the 8 GeoBingoTM Boards, then yell BINGO! This amazing classic game contains 50 country cards, representing the world’s most populous nations, show each […]

GeoCentral Minerals From Around The World Discovery Kit

Discover 12 Minerals and the Country they are commonly found in. Identify and classify minerals using the included guide, map and magnifier. Product Measures: .75″ Recommended Ages: 8 years and up Discover 12 minerals and the country they are commonly found in Learn to identify and classify minerals using the guide and map included in […]

Kidz Calendar – UNDATED! A Fun Sticker Organizer for a Child’s Busy World (Start using this Kids Calendar any time of the year!)

Stickin’ Together . . . KidzCalendar is a fully customizable 12 month kids calendar that can begin being used anytime of the year!! This interactive calendar includes over 700 stickers which can be repositioned when schedules change! Includes Stickers for Blended Families to help kids keep track of scheduled days with Mom and/Dad. This innovative […]

Mini WORLD spinning GLOBE earth class kids LEARNING

This cute spinning mini globe is a 360° geographical learning tool ! No matter where you live, you can show your child where he or she fits into the world in a fun and easy way. 8.5″ diameter spinning globe Made of lightweight plastic Black plastic stand A great gift, and an inexpensive way to […]

Small World Toys Preschool (They Keep Multiplying!) 12

SWT7849 Math Keyboards: Help kids develop basic math skills with these handy, portable, plastic boards. Each of the 81 keys has a math equation on it — press it down to reveal the answers! Practice multiplication tables wherever you may be with this handy math keyboard.Need some help with those tricky multiplication tables? This simple […]

Explore the World Placemat by Tot Talk

This placemat identifies all of the countries of the world, the seven continents and major oceans and water ways. The back side features the Solar System diagram showing the eight planets, rocket ships and aliens. In addition, there are Solar System trivia for enhanced learning. Lightweight and thin, these are easy topack. They work on […]

Stellanova 8″ Levitating Antique Ocean World Globe

The Stellanova 8″ Antique Ocean Levitating World Globe stands 12″ tall and features an elegant, brushed bronze double semi meridian and matching base, that uses magnetic and computer chip technology to suspend the sphere in midair. 8″ Antique Oceans World Globe Overall Height 12″ Levitates in Mid-Air through Magnetic & Computer Chip Technology Bronze Tone […]

Living World Deluxe Habitat, Large

The Living World Deluxe Habitat, Large, provides everything you need for safely housing pet rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. The hybrid cage, consisting of an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, provides a safe, well ventilated and comfortable place for small pets. The wire cage is elegantly styled, with an arching red wire […]

Treasury Floor Standing World Globe

Put the world at your fingertips with this wonderful floor standing globe design. Perfect for study areas or home offices, it features a metal base in a walnut finish. The globe has a raised relief surface that depicts mountains and shows all current nation political borders and U.S. states. Oceans are blue; countries are in […]

GeoCards World

GeoCards are 5 card games in 1 that make geography fun! 50 jumbo-sized cards represent the world’s largest countries and include capitals, land area & population information. In addition, game instructions for five different easy-to-learn games are included. Ages 4+ 50 Jumbo-sized country cards 1-4 Players 5 Easy to learn games with instructions GeoCards World

Inflatable World Globe Beach Ball 9″

This inflatable vinyl globe is fun and educational. Makes a unique beach ball at a pool party or luau! Or use it at school as teaching tool for geography or world events. Travel agencies can also hang it to promote worldwide trips! Size: 9″ inflated – 3.8 ounces Size: 9″ inflated Inflatable World Globe Beach […]

Blank Leather Writing Journal “World” Cruelty Free Leather

All the paper used, is made by hand from recycled cotton, making them 100% tree free diaries. The leather used is cruelty-free, acquired from naturally dead animals. In India these are their cows. Handmade Expressions is a sourcing partner for socially responsible and eco friendly products. The bellyband around the back tells the story of […]

GeoPuzzle World

GeoPuzzles are jigsaw puzzles that make learning fun! The pieces are shaped like individual countries, states and provinces so children learn geography as they put the puzzles together. GeoPuzzles also help build fine motor, cognitive, language & problem-solving skills. Ages 4+ 68 Jumbo pieces Finished puzzle measures 26″ x 12.5″ Pieces shaped like countries Dr. […]

Intelliglobe Interactive World Globe

Intelliglobe is the educational and entertaining globe that contains geography and general information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought provoking. Touch the wireless IntellipenTM to the globe to play games and explore amazing facts about the world. The wireless IntellipenTM features 1GB of easily updatable memory and plays spoken audio in 4 languages: English, […]